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Real Peace of Mind

Nowadays many people prefer so called "green" products because we believe such products are more safe to human body and less harmful to the environment.

However in many cases those "green" products are made of petrochemicals or by-products of the petroleum industry, which has led to serious problems, if not threats, at all times: human health & safety and environmental pollution

In fact, petrol-based products are more prone to toxicity threat, and the non-biodegradable nature of such products has been blamed for serious environmental pollution for decades. For examples, the BPA toxicity of drinking bottles, and the massive dumping of scraped plastic bags are well-aware safety and environmental issues which have been largely debated these days.

Therefore, identifying truly safe and ecological products is becoming more important than ever; and choosing the right building materials for your next projects is crucial to ensuring your own health safety, and protecting the environment as well.

As illustrated above,  natural coatings are far more superior than those petrol-based products in terms of safety, health, and environmental sustainability.

Moreover the performance of paints, adhesives, and cleaning products completely made of plants and mineral raw materials can even supersede many conventional petrol-based counterparts.  In fact, Germany has been stretching the border lines for the development of natural-based building materials for over 30 years, and the functionality and performance of natural paints and coatings, for example, have been improved significantly ever since.

It is clear that only real natural paints and related products can give you the real extra peace of mind, once and for all.

Why knowing how to identity "Real" natural paints is important to your well being?